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Guideline for overseas

xinyibooks.com / 2007-11-28

How to buy a book from overseas?
How to use Paypal?
What is the delivery method?
How can I know the freight charges?
What about the currency and exchange rate?
1.          Please go to Paypal website (www.paypal.com) and register to be a member if you have the credit card.
2.          Register to be a member in our website (www.chexun8.com). 
3.          Click the picture of book and then you can see the details of the books, including the price, weight, pages, photos, and other details. 
4.          Click the "加入購物車" and "確定".   That means you put the book which you want into the "購物車".
5.          Go to up and right corner of the website, and click "查看購物車" and you can find all the books in the list.  Just check the books name and the quantity.
6.          Click "結算中心" and you will be requested to login, please full in your information, including receiver's name, receiver's address, post code and telephone number.
7.          After login, choose your country (outside China and Hong Kong) and you can find the delivery method is Hong Kong Post Office registered air parcel and payment method is paypal. The freight charges and payments charges will be automatically calculated by the website.
8.          After checking all of things, click "確認提交" and then you can see your order number beginning with 200xxxxxxxxxx, and you can find "立即使用paypal支付".
9.          Click “立即使用paypal支付” and you will go to paypal website directly and find the total amount at the up and right corner of the website.
10.      Login the website and pay for it. The exchange rate will be calculated for you automatically.
11.      The book will be sent out after we receiving the payment and the customer will receive the book within/around 14 days (excluding weekends and public holidays.)
Have a nice deal!
網友: 給出 評價 并發表評論
Hi Sir/Mdm,
I am interested in all the books from 劉元文‘s 《四柱命理正源》、《外應預測學》、《奇門啟悟》、《大六壬預測學精義》、《六爻心得》。 Could you kindly let me know which are the ones available and how much will all be please? Much thanks, Ling
  2015-06-12 18:15:07  
?       管理員:: xinxin?回復于2015-06-13 15:06:41
網友:Arkantos 給出 評價 并發表評論
Your paypal still can work? I got an error with the paypal, saying your email has a problem
  2014-09-16 21:32:53  
Hello, Sim Lee Wee,

Your order has been confirmed, and the book is available. You may pay for it by Paypal.

The total amount is HK$259.00

Our Paypal account is xinyibooks@yahoo.com.hk

Please pay for it directly.

Thanks for shopping in our website.

Best regards,

?       管理員:: franchoi?回復于2014-09-16 22:46:37
網友: 給出 評價 并發表評論
Do you have 阿樂珍藏秘方? I want to know if I paid directly through paypal, can I pick up in your HK location? Thanks.
  2013-12-05 10:03:24  
Sorry, Out of stock now.
?       管理員:: franchoi?回復于2013-12-06 16:48:48
網友: 給出 評價 并發表評論
中國古今名人命鑑 蕭子良 著

  2011-11-09 00:41:47  
在臺灣哪家不清楚, 我們沒有此書
?       管理員:: jiaxin?回復于2011-11-09 12:01:01
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